Structural Integration

Everyone can benefit from Structural Integration!

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a bodywork system consisting of movement education and soft tissue manipulation that focuses on the fascial web within the body. With an organized series of ten sessions, the practitioner and client work together to ease strain within the fascial connective tissue and relearn movement through the neck, spine, and pelvis. The goal being a better transference of motion through the vertical center of the body.

Over time, things like gravity, injuries, traumas, repetitive movements, and emotional trauma can cause compensation patterns and adhesions in the fascial web. Since fascia is throughout the body, adhesions, or "snags" can cause postural changes, impaired movement, and pain.

Brings healing to the whole body and leads to an improved sense of well-being

What Can I Expect?

Sessions are an hour and a half. We will discuss goals of each session, the series, and assess your posture, progress, and movement, before, during and after each session. Unlike massage, during each session you will be wide awake and participating through movement, breath , and awareness. You may feel shifts in your balance, breath, range of motion, and posture. It is not uncommon for clients to experience changes in their mental, emotional, and personal lives. As tension is released and balance is restored, It is natural for emotions to clear.

What To Wear- Your comfort is most important, so please wear light weight clothing that you feel comfortable in.


Sheila Cichoski

Structural Integrator - Licensed Massage Therapist


Northwest Center for Structural Integration 2018 & Graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage, 2013

BFA Studio Art/Graphic Design at University of Idaho 2000

Specialty/Focus: Structural Integration, Injury Treatment, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Hot Stone Therapy, Sports Massage, Kinesio Taping, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, CranioSacral, lntraoral Endorsement, Hypnotherapy

Philosophy: The body is a complex web of fascia, muscles, and bones, therefore each treatment I provide is unique to my client's needs. Looking through the lens of a Structural Integrator, I see the relationship of the fascial web within the entire body. I assist clients to change the patterns which may be causing strain and discomfort. I'm always taking new classes to add tools to my toolbox and continue learning and growing as a practitioner.

Pricing & Insurance

Each 1 1/2 hour session Is $100 private pay. - Call to inquire if your insurance covers your Structural Integration session.

What Can I Expect in Each Session?

  • Sessions 1-3 :The Superficial Layers Session 1 - This session focuses on the breath by working to provide the lungs the ability to expand more. Also, work is one to start freeing the shoulders and pelvis from the ribcage.
  • Session 2- Here the focus is the foundation for the body, the feet and lower legs. This provides more of a support for the lower back helping the client feel balanced and grounded In their body.
  • Session 3- Within this session we focus on the sides of the body to provide more "depth" between the front and back of the body.
  • Sessions 4-7 :The Deeper Layers Session 4- The fourth session starts to prep the body for the core work by working on the inside of the legs from the ankles up to the pelvis. Here we address the relationship between the foot to the knee and hips.
  • Session 5- With session 5 the work continues lengthening the front of the body and continuing to remove the restrictions in the pelvis .
  • Session 6- Lengthening the back is the focus of this session, by working with the deeper muscles of the back and hips.
  • Session 7- Everything up until now has paved the way for this session where we work with the head, neck, mouth, shoulders, arms, and sometimes nose.
  • Sessions 8-10 : Overall Integration & Function Session 8- This session Is led by each client's body. Some will be primarily upper body focused while others will be lower body.
  • Session 9- Here we work on the overall body with a bit more focus on the part of the body not fully addressed in the previous session.
  • Session 10- With the final session, we focus on fitting the superficial layer to the core layer. It is the final fitting.