BodyMind Bridge

Sheila Cichoski LMP, RH

Certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner

Do you have chronic pain that never seems to completely go away? Do you have obstacles that you feel stand in the way of your personal growth and healing?

BodyMind Bridge* is a modality where the practitioner uses deep relaxation and guided visualization to facilitate healing. With this method, the combination of connective touch and skilled guidance helps the client unite their physical body with their non-conscious mind. This opens access to the deep wisdom held in the tissues of the body, and accelerates healing.

The profound information one accesses from the deeper non-conscious mind during a BodyMind Bridge session often leads to relief of chronic pain and to the release of old habits and behaviors that no longer serve them.

*The BodyMind Bridge was founded by Shuna Morelli of Steilacoom Washington. (Some of this information was taken from the BodyMind Bridge website.)